Choosing A Great Pest Control Company

Research is Important
Ask friends and work colleagues for recommendations. If that’s not possible or fruitful, look for businesses that service your community. Websites can offer valuable company information and highlight expertise. After you’ve selected a few possibilities, be prepared to get an estimate. Pest control companies offer free initial estimates and consultations. This meeting is a great time to ask questions and get to know more about the company and its business practices. Most businesses are happy to provide you with their credentials and references. Once you receive their estimates, don’t rely on cost alone when choosing a company. Quality service, professionalism and experience are also important.

Look into Staff Training and Licensure
There are various levels of training and certification among pest control professionals, ranging from certified technicians to licensed exterminators. It’s not uncommon for the licensed technicians, under the supervision of the exterminator, to provide the actual service delivery. Ask about staff experience and success in handling pest-related problems, especially if you are faced with more challenging situations like bedbugs. Find out if employees are trained in the latest pest management techniques. All staff should be knowledgeable about the most current pest control treatments.

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