What is the best time of the year to purchase a mobile home?

That’s a great question. You certainly want to get the best deal possible when it comes to your future home. So, when is the best time to buy a mobile home? Midsummer, the week of Thanksgiving, and pretty much any time in December are the opportunities for people shopping for a mobile home to see the least amount of competition. The good news is when you buy from Aspen Homes you will get a great deal no matter the season of the year!

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Check out our Thoroughbred Trailers!

Especially designed to meet the needs of Thoroughbred owners, this custom trailer offers the stall height, length, and width to accommodate your prized horses. Owners of Hunters & Jumpers, Dressage, Sport horse and Warmblood breeds tell us this is the one of the best trailers available for transporting their horses. This trailer is designed to haul two horse side by side. Open in the front area without a manger, the walk thru doors make it possible for the handler to lead their horses into the stalls and exit out the front. This trailer is available in both bumper pull and gooseneck models, with or without a dressing room.

Turnbow Horse Trailer offers Custom Trailers. We produce Head To Head TrailersThoroughbred Trailers, and Aluminum Horse TrailersSide By Side Horse TrailersCustom Horse TrailersMare & Foal, and Luxury Horse Trailers. Also providing Horse Trailer MaintenanceHorse Trailer Parts and ServicesHorse Trailer Repairs, we also do repairs for Hail Damaged Aluminum Trailers. We also construct Custom Medical Trailers and Equine Ambulances. Turnbow Horse Trailer Manufacturers safe Custom Horse TrailersLiving Quarters Trailers, and Slant Load Horse Trailers and Luxury Horse Trailers. We are THE best Horse Trailer Manufacturers in the business!

A Quality Single Axle Trailer You Can Count On

Starlite Trailers has been building trailers since 1978. We put our knowledge and experience of over 40 years into building our Single Axle Utility Trailers and Single Axle Trailer using only top quality trailer components. We produce the most durable and reliable Single Axle Utility Trailers at affordable prices.

We strive to make our trailers the top in the industry. If you would like to know the trailer specs or read more visit starlitetrailers.com or Contact Starlite Trailers and we will be happy to assist you. We are the Tulsa trailers for sale pros. If you are in the market for Tulsa trailers for sale give us a call today!

Choosing A Great Pest Control Company

Research is Important
Ask friends and work colleagues for recommendations. If that’s not possible or fruitful, look for businesses that service your community. Websites can offer valuable company information and highlight expertise. After you’ve selected a few possibilities, be prepared to get an estimate. Pest control companies offer free initial estimates and consultations. This meeting is a great time to ask questions and get to know more about the company and its business practices. Most businesses are happy to provide you with their credentials and references. Once you receive their estimates, don’t rely on cost alone when choosing a company. Quality service, professionalism and experience are also important.

Look into Staff Training and Licensure
There are various levels of training and certification among pest control professionals, ranging from certified technicians to licensed exterminators. It’s not uncommon for the licensed technicians, under the supervision of the exterminator, to provide the actual service delivery. Ask about staff experience and success in handling pest-related problems, especially if you are faced with more challenging situations like bedbugs. Find out if employees are trained in the latest pest management techniques. All staff should be knowledgeable about the most current pest control treatments.

At apestsolution.com we go the extra mile to find and eliminate the source of pests. If you need Bartlesville Pest Control, Coffeyville Pest Control or Independence KS Pest Control  contact us today!

Why Choose Airtight Foam Contractors?

Airtight Foam Insulation has been meeting the needs of customers in Oklahoma for over 40 years. We offer a complete line of insulation options as well as residential guttering. Great service and best value are the goals of our professional staff as we take on the energy conservation needs of customers in Tulsa, the green country area and all of Oklahoma. We are the Tulsa attic insulation, Tulsa foam insulation and Tulsa Insulation Company experts!

We offer professional service for Oklahoma Industrial Roofing, Industrial Roofing Oklahoma, Industrial Roofing Kansas , Tulsa Industrial Roofing, Industrial Roofing Tulsa.

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Benefits of Asphalt Over Concrete

Asphalt offers several benefits over concrete. The ability to recycle asphalt means you could actually reuse existing product. Asphalt offers durability and a shorter installation and curing time. Repairs and maintenance are also easier and cheaper than concrete. Asphalt also provides a more pleasing look and a smoother appearance.

Since 2006 3 Rivers Sealcoating has been providing  parking lot striping Oklahoma, parking lot crack filling, and Parking Lot Sealcoating Oklahoma. They also offer Parking Lot Repair Oklahoma and Parking Lot Striping Tulsa! They can manage all sizes of pavement including Parking Lot Striping Oklahoma, Parking Lot Sealcoating Oklahoma, Parking Lot Repair Oklahoma, Parking Lot Striping Tulsa.  


When boaters think of boat dock rollers, many think of the tall vertical boat dock rollers that have been around for over a decade. There are several knock off versions of the original, but they are work about the same. And poorly at that. They seldom roll, are very heavy and have gaps between the plastic and metal posts that boats get hung up on. These are boat dock ROLLERS that WORK. The bumper is attached to the post with an internal bushing requiring no drilling or heavy lifting. These are also lightweight, and they float! ONE person can EASILY install one in LESS THAN 10 minutes. If you don’t like the position, remove, and adjust with a new boat or dock.

WhamGuard Rotating Boat Dock Bumpers are boat dock rollers are easy to install and look great while protecting your boat and dock. Make your dock a stress-free zone. Don’t slam hard. Get WhamGuard! We are the boat dock rollers and boat dock bumpers pros! We have been in business many years and have an excellent reputation! If you need boat dock rollers and boat dock bumpers give us a call today! You’ll be glad you did

Why Choose H&A Screen-printing?

H&A Screenprinting has been providing quality custom screen printing and embroidery since 1987. We have supplied businesses, churches, schools, clubs, and groups with embroidered or custom screen-printed t-shirts, sweatshirts, polo shirts and other products. Our service is second to none and the pros in our art department make things easy.

Hatshirts.com specializes in custom t-shirt, sweatshirt, and hat screen-printing. Their Tulsa t-shirt business is one of the best in the Tulsa are. Give them a call today. You’ll be glad you did. You certainly won’t be disappointed in our great Tulsa T-shirt company!

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How We Choose the Best Hearing Aids

When it’s time to choose Tulsa hearing aids or Tulsa digital hearing aids, you have many choices based on cost, features and size. Hearing aids can be
completely-in-the-canal meaning it is custom fit by molding to your ear. You can also choose a hearing aid that sits behind your ear. This hooks over your ear and rests behind it. There is a tube that connects to a piece that sits in your ear canal. These are just two of the many choices you have.

Call on experienced Tulsa Audiology Dr. Brandy Vowell to help guide you when you need Tulsa hearing aids or Tulsa digital hearing aids.
Her knowledge and caring approach will ensure you get exactly what you need. Contact The Hearing Doctor today or visit
their website at thehearingdr.com. Don’t wait!

Looking for a Great Tulsa Seafood and Cajun restaurant?

Are you looking for a GREAT Tulsa seafood restaurant and a GREAT Tulsa Cajun restaurant? If so, you need to go eat at Hebert’s! They are one of the best Tulsa seafood restaurant and Tulsa Cajun restaurant you can eat at! Give them a try today. You’ll be glad you did.

Hebert’s offers Cajun favorites like Turduckens for sale, Boneless Stuffed Chicken, Boneless Stuffed Turkey, Shrimp or Crawfish Etouffee, Crawfish Pie, a variety of Green Onion Sausages, and much more. Come and check out our Tulsa Cajun Restaurant. We are the best Tulsa Cajun Restaurant around! We also sell Alligator Meat For Sale!