The Good and the Bad of Sky Lights

Sky lights can add a great deal of natural light to your home. They are also expensive. If you are considering installing sky lights in your home, here are some good
things about sky lights as well as some not-so-good things.

The Good

  • Sky lights bring outside light into dark places inside your home.
  • A sky light that opens can add fresh air to any room.
  • A sky light can save on electricity by allowing heat from natural light into the room.
  • Sky lights can be a dramatic design feature in any room.

The Not-So-Good

  • Without proper and professional installation from a company like Tulsa roofing company, Owasso roofing company and Jenks roofing company, sky lights may leak causing all kinds of visible or hidden moisture issues.
  • Sky lights can be difficult to clean.
  • Sky lights can negatively effect your energy bills if installed wrong and may increase your insurance premiums.

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