How We Choose the Best Hearing Aids

Individualized Adjustment: We have largely excluded hearing aids that are not audiologist-tuned for the individual, or which do not at least offer versatile, user-programmable sound settings. We have also worked to exclude brands that are ‘locked’ so that buyers can only have their hearing aids adjusted through that specific brand’s audiologist locations.
Sound Quality: We have included devices that have directional microphones, noise reduction, wind reduction, and feedback reduction, and some that provide more high-tech features, like specialized processing of the wearer’s own voice and in-ear memory prompts.
Modern Features and Designs: Most of the brands and models recommended below offer features like Bluetooth connectivity, smartphone application controls, telehealth capabilities, and intuitive adjustment. We’ve also included a broad range of fit styles, including new ‘invisible-in-canal’ designs.
Value: We have done our best to include a consistent range of prices and feature sets for people with any severity of hearing loss.

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